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We are Global Oilfield Solutions the web site of Petroleum Excellence International. Our purpose is to improve petroleum operations internationally and domestically. We strive for excellence in the oilfield industry and are dedicated to improving the industry as our legacy.


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 This website is non-profit, for the use of all oilfield personnel. We encourage comments from roustabouts, pumpers and deckhands, to managers, presidents and CEO’s. The comments posted on the website may be controversial and you may not agree with them, but they are freely given to promote dialogs and discussions.

As we are “old oilmen”, we also have our own opinions, these will be shared in our editorials. If anyone has a contrary opinion we encourage you to send them to us and will post as counterpoints.

Knowledge Sharing

 We believe that knowledge sharing is the key to improvement. Everyone has had successes and failures. By sharing both we can help others.

Companies have recognized that knowledge constitutes a valuable asset for creating and sustaining competitive advantages. The sharing of knowledge constitutes a major challenge because some tend to resist sharing their knowledge with the rest of the organization.

This is a fundamental problem that exists in the oilfield today. Chances are that you are already aware of it. We’ve seen a lot of people whose jobs are directly related to their expertise, and for whom ‘what they know’ has become a kind of ‘insurance’ plan.

Global Oilfield SolutionsHave you ever heard someone say “If I’m the only one who knows how to do this, ‘they’ can never fire me”. We’ve all heard similar comments and perhaps even nodded along, or said the words ourselves. But what is the actual cost of this knowledge hoarding? The most serious cost of a knowledge hoarding culture is that it stifles innovation and makes the job more difficult for everyone.

Nobody wants to lose their job. So the idea of knowledge hoarding to protect one’s job is present wherever people have witnessed promotions, firings, or layoffs that have been regarded as arbitrary. If someone’s departure seemed unfair, you’re likely to consider whether or not you could simply be beaten by the almighty hand of “the bossman.”

People are motivated to participate for many reasons. One often underestimated motivation is to help others. We appeal to the desire to aid others. We are motivated by promoting the project as a work of the “team”, refocusing energy on the idea that when the oilfield thrives, individuals thrive.


 We encourage everyone to use the website. Download the free spreadsheets, change them as necessary. All we ask is that you tell your co-workers where you got them. The spreadsheets are password protected for their integrity. If you need unprotected copies, let us know and it can be arranged.

We encourage people who have items or spreadsheets they would like to share, to send them to us. Full originator credit will be given to the submitting person or team.

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