Annular Pressure Loss

Calculates the annular pressure losses between the drill pipe and casing or openhole hole.

Balanced Pill Calculation

Calculates the amount of fluid to pump to achieve a balanced pill (drillpipe & annulus).

Cement Slurry Design

Calculates the cement and additives to mix to an amount of water to achieve the cement design.

Cement Volume Calculations

Calculates the cement and hole volume length for an amount of cement

Convert Pressure to Mud Weight

This spreadsheet will convert pressure to mudweight for well control

Critical Annular Velocity

Calculates velocity and flow for critical velocity

Cutting Slip Velocity

These calculations give the slip velocity of a cutting of a specific size and weight in a given fluid. The annular velocity and the cutting net rise velocity are also calculated.

Cuttings Ammount

Calculates amount of cutting per foot of hole drilled.

Drill Pipe Fatigue

Predicts the maximum permissible dogleg severity in which drillpipe can be rotated.

Drill Pipe Pressure Losses

This spreadsheet calculates the pressure losses in the drill pipe.

Elevation Conversion Calculation

This spreadsheet calculates the elevation difference between different rigs. it is useful for workovers where the rig is at a different elevation from the original drilling.

Elongation of Pipe

This spreadsheet calculates the elongatiion of tubing due to temperature expansion.

Formation Integrity Test

This spreadsheet is used for a pressure integrity test (FIT or Leak-off)

Free Point

Use this worksheet to determine the length of stuck pipe.

Hole Opening Optimization

This spreadsheet is used to optimize hole openers.

Hydro Static Pressure Calculation

This worksheet is to be used as an aid to determine hydrostatic pressure.

Maximum Drilling Rate

To determine the maximum drilling rate to keep the flow line mud weight at a determined value.

Minimum Flowrate for PDC Bits

This worksheet should be used as an aid to determine the minimum flowrate for PDC Bits.

Mud Mixing Calculations

Calculations to determine the volumes of mixing mud of different weights and barite additions.

Penetration Rate Predictions

This spreadsheet is used to predict penetration rate for AFE calculations.

Pressure Gradient Calculations

This worksheet should be used to calculate pressure gradient and bottom hole pressure.

Pump Output

This spreadsheet is useful for calculating pump output.

Pumping Rates for Cement Spacers

This worksheet is to aid in the design of cement spacers to prevent solids settling in the annulus.

Rig Penetration Calculations

Calculations to determine jack-up rig height needed over a platform.

Riser Margin

Calculations to determine the HP of the riser during drilling.

ROP Prediction

Calculations to determine the expected rate of Penetration during drilling.

Slug Calculations

This worksheet should be used to calculate slug volumes before POOH

Slug Pipe

Additional Spreadsheet to be used to calculate slug volumes before POOH

Specific Gravity Calculations

This spreadsheet calculates the Specific Gravity or Mudweight or Pressure Gradient.

Surface Equipment Pressure Losses

Calculations to determine surface equipment friction pressure (losses)

Surge and Swab Anaylsis

Calculations to determine surge and swab while running casing.

Casing Tally Worksheet

Worksheet used to record casing while running in well.

Casing Buckling

Computes casing buckling and wellhead loading.

Hole Volume Calculations

Computes hole volumes for pipe size.

Optimal Horizontal Length

Worksheet to assist computing optimal horizontal length.

Bit Hydraulics

Calculations to assist bit hydraulics.

Rig Rating Evaluation Sheet

Calculations to assist rig rating and selection.

Equivalent Circulating Density

Calculations for Bit ECD.

DP Maximum Overpull

Provides calculations to determine the maximum pull on drillpipe.

Departure Deviation

Provides calculations to determine the departure from a vertical wellbore.

Rate of Closure

Provides calculations to determine the rate of closure to a target in the planned wellbore.