Annular Pressure Losses

Calculates the annular pressure losses between the drill pipe and casing or openhole hole.

Balanced Pill Calculation

Calculates the amount of fluid to pump to achieve a balanced pill (drillpipe & annulus).

Convert Pressure to Mud Weight

This spreadsheet will convert pressure to mudweight for well control.

Critical Annular Velocity

Calculates velocity and flow for critical velocity.

Cutting Slip Velocity

These calculations give the slip velocity of a cutting of a specific size and weight in a given fluid. The annular velocity and the cutting net rise velocity are also calculated.

Elevation Conversion Calculation

This spreadsheet calculates the elevation difference between different rigs. it is useful for workovers where the rig is at a different elevation from the original drilling.

Elongation of Pipe

This spreadsheet calculates the elongation of tubing due to temperature expansion.

Free Point

Use this worksheet to determine the length of stuck pipe.

Hydrostatic Pressure Calculation

This worksheet is to be used as an aid to determine hydrostatic pressure.

Pump Output

This spreadsheet is useful for calculating pump output.

Slug Calculations

This worksheet should be used to calculate slug volumes before POOH.

Slug Pipe

Additional Spreadsheet to be used to calculate slug volumes before POOH.

Squeeze Cement Worksheet

The purpose of this sheet is to assist in the design of primary and squeeze cement placement.

Surface Equipment Pressure Losses

Calculations to determine surface equipment friction pressure (losses).